The minimum amount of donation is 1000 RSD ~ 9 EUR ~ 12 USD ~ 7 GBP.


Trag Foundation commits to protect privacy of all users. We collect only essential, basic data about buyers/users, and data necessary for conducting business and informing users, and in accordance with good business practices, and to provide quality services. We give users the option of choice, including the possibility to decide if they want to be deleted from mailing lists used for marketing campaign. All data about users/buyers are strictly confidential and are available only to employees who need such information to perform their duties. All employees of the Trag Foundation (and business partners) are responsible for observance of principles of privacy policy.

In the process of transaction, Trag Foundation at no time has access to payment card information that you have entered, in banking information, or any other data that you had not previously directly given to the system. Trag Foundation explicitly relies on the information about the successful payment authorized by the bank.

All donations are submitted to:

Short name: TRAG
Address: Djevdjelijska 19, 11 120 Beograd 35, PAK 145319, Serbia
Tel/fax: +381 11 78-39-467
Tax Identification Number: 103 208 903
Activity code : 9499
Temporary activity code: 7490
Identification number: 1752 2663