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Trag Foundation and the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory signed a Cooperation Agreement

Trag Foundation and the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory have signed a Cooperation Agreement to combine their expertise and contribute to improving citizens’ position. By crossing the two-decade experience of Trag with the knowledge and methods of researchers of the Institute, we will jointly work to establish a reliable and knowledge-based basis for the further development of civic engagement in various processes concerning the realization of their rights and the potential of the communities in which they live; through activism, participation in decision-making, developing philanthropy and other activities following civic needs and capacities.

About why this kind of cooperation is essential for both parties, Biljana Dakić Đorđević, executive director of the Trag Foundation, said: “Through numerous multi-year programs that we implement at the local, national and regional level, dedicated to strengthening the feeling among citizens that they can contribute positive changes in their environment. Both the organizations on whose capacity development we work and the informal groups of citizens we support play an important role in bringing about these positive changes and contributing to the development of communities. Our goal is to, through this cooperation, on the one hand, make our experience available to the Institute and support their research activities, and on the other, to obtain reliable information and recommendations on how to motivate citizens further to participate in decision-making processes and the creation of public politics”.

In front of the Institute, Gazela Pudar Draško, sociologist, and director of this institution, underlined: “For the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory, the strengthening of cooperation with the Trag Foundation is an essential indicator of a joint mission aimed at a better understanding of policies and institutions whose role should ensure well-being for all individuals, different forms of communities, as well as society as a whole. The cooperation agreement will strengthen the long-term partnership relations that our Laboratory for Philanthropy, Solidarity and Care Studies – SolidCare lab and the Trag Foundation nurture. Through empirical and theoretical research, educational initiatives, and cooperation with academic institutions, civil society, and governmental organizations and bodies, SolidCare Lab strives to illuminate the dimensions, roles, and status of philanthropy, solidarity, and care, considering their historical significance and today’s challenges.”

With the vision to consolidate and expand the circles which nurture values ​​shared by Trag and the Institute through this agreement, and in the desire to jointly create a society of equal opportunities and social justice, respecting diversity and giving back to the community, there is dedicated planning of further steps in the realization of this cooperation.