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Results of the second round of the Active Communities: Solidarity Response to COVID-19 program

In order to respond to the problems of communities caused by the coronavirus pandemic, on April 10, the Trag Foundation announced a call for application for the Active Communities: Solidarity Response to COVID-19 program, intending to support actions aimed at reducing the spread of the virus and facilitating self-isolation, as well as actions focused on both recovery and resilience of communities from the economic and other social consequences of the pandemic.

After 24 initiatives in the first round of the program were supported in the total amount of 8.079.845,00 dinars, the Donation Team of the Trag Foundation, with the support of external advisors, selected 15 initiatives, out of 73 submitted project proposals in the second round of the program, that will be supported by a total amount of 5.636.672,00 dinars.

The projects supported in the second round of the program are:

– Association Step in Front of Everyone, for the informal group Sombor tailors (Sombor)
– LICEULICE (Belgrade)
– Association Info Park (Belgrade)
– Women’s Center Milica (Vrnjačka Banja)
– Roma Center for Women and Children Daje (Belgrade)
– Association Young Heart (Trstenik) 
– Center for Moms (Belgrade)
– Association of Parents, Guardians, and Friends of Children with Malignant Diseases – Čika Boca (Belgrade)
– Association Women for Peace (Leskovac)
– Association Okular (Ćićevac)
– Association of Parents of Persons with Special Needs – EGAL (Kragujevac)
– Association To be known! (Belgrade)
– Association for Psychological Support, Development, and Education Psychoreflector (Novi Sad)
– Volunteer Fire Department Vitkovac-Milakovac-Pečenog (Kraljevo)
– Association Centar Psychocare (Niš)

The Active Communities: Solidarity Response to COVID-19 program is being implemented with the financial support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Oak Foundation.