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Publication “What if we can?” on raising funds in the community issued

The publication What if we can?  is dedicated to everyone who wants to make society or their neighborhood a better place to live in and honestly wondered: Is this even possible? It emerged as an optimistic and daring reply to all dilemmas, misgivings, and doubts about whether it is possible to work for the common good in a long-term, stable, and independent manner. In it, you will find stories of ten civil society organizations from places across Serbia, proving that it is possible and that there are many ways to embark on this adventure using similar paths.

The success stories of these organizations may differ in many details. Still, they all start from the same starting point, the Trag Foundation’s Sustainability Academy program, which each of the mentioned organizations attended in 2019. For more than ten years, through this and other fundraising programs, the Trag Foundation has been supporting all those non-profit organizations that dare to seek support for their endeavors in their immediate environment.

The figures speak louder than words regarding the effectiveness of these programs and their attendees’ fundraising campaigns – by September 2021, nearly 80 organizations from 35 communities raised more than 400,000 Euros, which the Trag Foundation doubled.

Trag made this publication with the idea to incentivize new non-profit organizations to embark on the challenging but rewarding path of community fundraising.

It was developed within the SIGN Up for Impact project, funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy.