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Public Policies

Trag implements Public Policy program for organized citizens from the local communities to have a stronger influence in the creation of the public policies in their local community, in the region and at the national level.

By the direct advocacy for the more encouraging legislative and fiscal framework for the local givings, Trag provides greater support to the initiatives of the citizens in the communities. With the support to the locally organized citizens in the decision-making process and certain policy changes we provide a better framework for the development of the communities in relevant fields.

Activities of this program include:

  1. Direct advocacy for the more favorable legislative and fiscal framework for the local givings;
  2. Support for grassroots initiatives to influence the policies that directly reflect community life;
  3. Support for dialog and cooperation between grantees and other stakeholders on influencing policies that directly affect community life; 
  4. Support for networking and creation of the coalitions among grantees to influence policies that are relevant to community life.

Networking Support of Civil Society Organizations

Trag provides support to associated citizens so they could influence policies in relevant areas on a local, regional, and national level, to bring improvement to local communities. So far, Trag has been focused on support in the areas such are environmental protection and social inclusion, but it is open for support in other areas as well.

Legislative Framework for Donations

By direct advocating for a more inciting legal and fiscal framework for local donating, Trag enables greater support to citizens’ initiatives in communities. By supporting the participation of citizens’ associations, from both local and national level, in bringing and changing certain policies we provide a better framework for community development in relevant areas.

Tax Reliefs

Trag Foundation, together with foundations from six countries in the region gathered in the SIGN network, works on activities that will contribute to building favorable surroundings for the development of philanthropy and donations to common well-being.

Based on legal analysis and comparative experiences from the region and EU countries, suggestions to improve fiscal policies are being created within the project “SIGN for Sustainability”, supported by the European Union.  In the following period, in cooperation with the SIGN network, Trag foundation will work on advancement and change of policies in this field within the regional project “SIGN for Sustainability”. The project is supported by the European Commission.