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Invitation to apply for the GREEN IDEAS program

The GREEN IDEAS program is aimed at supporting united citizens in the development of green entrepreneurial ideas in Serbia. By green entrepreneurial ideas, the Trag Foundation means innovative ideas that apply the technology and knowledge of the business sector to organize and jointly solve social problems, relying on community resources and protecting the environment in the function of sustainable development.

The program, through a public competition, awards three US $ 5,000.00 donations to citizens’ associations, foundations, endowments, cooperatives and companies that plan to become solidarity entrepreneurs or start-ups in solidarity entrepreneurship.

The deadline for submitting applications is 20th March 2020.

Phases of Program Implementation:

Phase 1: After receiving project concepts, Trag conducts the selection procedure in the first round, which includes processing projects and their selection according to the criteria of the program, based on which between 12 and 15 best ideas are invited to solidarity entrepreneurship training.

Phase 2: For all those who passed the first round of decision-making, training on solidarity entrepreneurship will be organized, where participants will have the opportunity to improve and present their plans in more detail, by filling out the Final Project Proposal, which is mandatory for participation in the next steps of the program.

Phase 3: Everyone who attended the training and then sent the final application form, will be invited to present their ideas at the one-day event Forum for Green Ideas, which will be held on 12th May in Belgrade. Participants will present ideas to a jury that will select the top three who will be awarded donations of US $ 5,000 each.

Phase 4: The three winners of the Forum for Green Ideas will be representatives of the Trag Foundation at the regional competition Balkan Green Ideas, which will be held from 24th to 26th June in Belgrade, organized by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. In addition to representatives from Serbia, three representatives of partner foundations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Kosovo, and Northern Macedonia will participate in the regional competition. Participants will compete for an additional prize pool to implement their ideas, in the total amount of US $ 40,000 in two categories: the green idea concept and the developed green idea, with individual prizes in the amount of US $ 5,000 or $ 10,000 depending on the category.

Winners of donations at both national and regional competition will conclude a donation agreement with the Trag Foundation, which will specify their mutual rights and obligations, which includes regular periodic program and financial reports.

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