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As a regional Foundation, Trag invests the biggest efforts in the development of different grant programs for civil society organizations and informal groups of citizens in Serbia. 

Grant programs aim to instigate people to think about priority problems in their communities and to support their intentions to solve those problems through the participation of the entire community and using available local resources. 

Trag Foundation conducts several grant programs grouped in a few areas.

Citizens’s Activism

In developing and implementing a civic activism support program, the Trag Foundation is committed to “from community to community” approach where our main task is to listen and monitor the needs, and in addition to financial support, to invest as well both time and knowledge into positive social change. By actively connecting different actors and encouraging the exchange of knowledge needed for the success and sustainability of civic activism.

Active Communities is a thematically limitless program, intended for local initiatives dealing with concrete citizens’ problems resolution in their communities. Trag foundation in 2019 celebrates 20 years of the Active Communities program, during which 624 initiatives in local communities in the territory of Serbia are supported.

Grant Programs for Women’s Organizations

Empowering women’s organizations and movements to combat violence against women is a program that empowers women’s organizations, movements and networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia through institutional support, capacity building and networking. Through this program 39 women’s organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia are institutionally supported.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together program supports women’s collectives, whether informal or associations, in delivering their ideas in the areas of combating family and partner violence, human trafficking, and exploitation, as well as building a women’s movement. The projects are supported through a participatory decision-making donation model, which gives a voice to the applied organizations and groups to decide for themselves and vote for ideas that best corresponds to the needs.

Solidarity Economy

Green Ideas program aims to instigate united citizens to use and develop innovative entrepreneurial ideas, operate with business sector technologies and knowledge when resolving social problems within local communities while preserving natural resources and the environment in the function of the principles of sustainable development.

Participation in Decision Making

Local Community Advocacy is a program by which we would like to encourage organizations to develop initiatives which would bring some important problem or a theme in the local community to the attention of the rest of the community. This program would involve citizens in the active promotion of problem-solving while leading decision-makers towards an adequate solution.

At the same time, we want to promote cooperation between organizations from different regions of Serbia.

Local Philanthropy

Sustainability Academy is an educational grant program consisted of four training modules covering the following areas: basics of fundraising, raising funds from local sources (from companies and individuals), advanced fundraising and sustainability of civic organizations.

Successful Fundraising program aims to support associations of citizens in achieving sustainability through an orientation towards diversifying funding sources, exploring new methodologies of fundraising in local communities, and instigating corporate and individual philanthropy.

Sustainability Perspective program aims to encourage civil society organizations, as well as networks of organizations, to strategically brainstorm and use innovative philanthropic and fundraising practices to become sustainable in the long term and serve as a model for other civil society organizations in achieving sustainability.