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Empowering women’s organizations and movements to combat violence against women

Multiannual collaboration between Oak i Trag fondacije.started when launching the program “Empowering women’s organizations and movements in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to combat violence against women” in 2015. The program aims to empower women’s organizations, movements, and networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia through donations, capacity building, and networking. This program is equivalent to the existing strategy and program of Oak Foundation called Issues Affecting Women Programme.

The program has two main pillars:

1. developing a movement for women’s human rights

2. combating violence against women

These two pillars further divide into four program areas:

movement building

combating violence against women 

fight against exploitation and human trafficking 

crisis violence (war, post-war violence)

The program supports organizations involved in the promotion and protection of women’s human rights in the mentioned areas.

Through giving donations, Trag Foundation manages the institutional support coming from Oak Foundation to women’s organizations and networks, monitors the implementation of activities on the field, and provides technical and advisory support for organizations when project reporting process towards Oak Foundation.

According to the needs of women’s organizations and networks, Trag Foundation through capacity building organizes group and individual training and education (training in developing child protection policies and procedures in collaboration with Keeping Children Safe, training in writing EU projects, fundraising, developing a social business in collaboration with NESsT, etc). As part of capacity building, to adapt the support to the needs of women’s organizations and networks, in 2015 Trag Foundation conducted self-assessment workshops with all organizations that were supported by the Oak Foundation. Additionally within the program, as part of capacity building, Trag Foundation gives support to all organizations daily and according to their needs.

Through networking, Trag Foundation manages the process of developing a new regional strategy to support women’s organizations in the Balkans, connects and promotes communication among organizations supported by the Oak Foundation through regular regional meetings, and identifies new organizations and networks contributing to the advancement and implementation of programs in the Balkans that would be supported by the Oak Foundation in the future.