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Corporate Philanthropy

Trag is actively working on the development of corporate philanthropy to include as many companies and entrepreneurs, as well as individuals to strategically give for nonprofit and public good initiatives whilst building long term partnerships with civil society organizations. Business subjects may participate in the development of the local community in which they operate, by providing material and financial support to the aforementioned actions. Through strategically planned investment, companies advance their corporate social responsibility and invest in the field of corporate philanthropy. In this way, Trag launches a systematic campaign aiming to instigate and reaffirm philanthropic ideas and attitudes in our society. Trag realized a variety of activities carrying a message that giving for the public good should be reinstated as a daily and regular part of our lives.

To acknowledge and publicly emphasize companies and enterprises whose material and financial aid serves as the best example for others and who set the standards that the world of responsible management should strive to, Trag has been presenting the annual VIRTUS award for philanthropy since 2007. This award is meant for companies and individuals that supported non-profit actions or organizations for the public good most efficiently and effectively in the previous year. One of the objectives of this Award is to promote and encourage philanthropy in our country and to increase the participation of companies, enterprises, and individuals in initiatives and programs for the public good in the future.

To develop its strategy in the area of corporate philanthropy in the most effective way, in 2012 Trag conducted comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research on individual and corporate philanthropy. The results of the research can be found here “Individual and corporate philanthropy in Serbia”.

Within the philanthropy program, from 2007 Trag has been implementing several programs aiming to support civil society organizations to work on their long term financial sustainability by establishing close cooperation with a wider circle of donors in the local community. The idea of these programs is to provide educational and/or mentor support as well as financial means to enable these organizations to achieve sustainability through strategic work, reliance on different sources of funding, innovative models of fundraising in the local community, and instigating corporate and individual philanthropy.