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Active Communities

Trag Foundation has been implementing the Active Communities program for 20 years through witch 630 initiatives of informal groups and associations in over 200 communities across Serbia were supported. From the very beginning, the program monitors the needs of united citizens and financially and otherwise supports them to realize their ideas that contribute to the development and improvement of their communities. The projects we support are not thematically limited and are the result of the ideas, energy, work, and dedication of the people who participate in them.
Who can apply?

We support citizen associations and informal groups that:
● initiate and actively involve citizens in their activities,
● represent the general interests of their community,
● do not exist for more than 10 years,
● have an annual income not exceeding RSD 1.200.000,00 (for associations),
● have no access to significant funds from other donors or are not directly affiliated with international agencies and funds and
● are located in the territory of Serbia.

Informal groups mean groups of at least three people who are gathered to solve community problems and are not formally registered.

What do we support?

We believe that united citizens best recognize the needs of their communities, therefore the Active Communities program opens up space for diverse projects that contribute to community development. For us, the community is consisted of citizens, gathered around common values, needs, interests, problems, who, by developing a sense of belonging to the community, take common action.

Trag Foundation believes that a community is not a group of individuals, moreover that it primarily represents the interactions that individuals achieve for the common goals that are furthermore based on the values ​​of solidarity, respect for diversity, equality, and responsibility. We believe in the potential and power of active and united citizens to influence change in their communities, whether related by a particular physical space (geographical territory), online space, or a shared interest or need. Therefore, communities can be local, ethnic minority communities, members of different marginalized groups, LGBT +, online communities, etc.

The procedure of granting donations

During the selection process, project proposals for the Active Communities program are mediated at the following levels:
1. Trag Office
2. Activists Committee
3. Donations Committee
You can find out more about the selection process at the link.

Program Active Communities is realized with financial support from Balkanski fond za demokratiju (BTD) and Fond braće Rokfeler, as well as Coca-Cola HBC Srbija i Crna Gora.